The campbeltown region is not one which I have ever really dived into too greatly. While a load of people will go mental for anything made in the Springbank distillery my limited exposure has left me wondering what all the fuss is about. Springbank 12 Year Old Green is just one example of a Springbank which left me cold. Although, I am told its one of the less well received examples which would explain the cheap price I got it for at auction.

Glen Scotia, however, has a lot of class and while being less well known is, to me at least, far superior flavoursome whisky. The Glen Scotia 25 Year Old is an excellent and relatively inexpensive whisky which I would keep a bottle of permanently in the cupboard if I wasn’t of such simple and modest means.

The Dram


The Victoriana is nothing like the 25 year old. This cask strength small batch release from 2015 is made using heavily charred oak barrels and is almost certainly significantly younger than 25 years old. Being different though does not mean it has to be bad and at around £76 a bottle it is far cheaper than the £350 for a 25 year old bottle even if it does come in a wooden box.

The colour is natural and Glen Scotia are keen to point out the contents are just as it came out the barrels with no chill-filtering either. I have a feeling that most if not all Glen Scotia’s follow this rule as well. All of which happens with very little over the top marketing and gimmicks. At least that is the case now there was a time when the packaging decisions went a little bit…weird.


Tasting Notes

Colour – golden yellow

Nose – Mellow sweet earthy notes of a freshy dug flowerbed. Lots of honey and vanilla and spices and ginger. A sweet smoked wood flavour comes through quite strongly as well.

Palate – The texture is luxuriously thick. There is so much spices and wood influence that it needs some water to pull apart the flavours and get some definition between the cinnamon, ginger, cloves and nutmeg that are all in there. There is more of the earthy flavours and smouldering wood.

Finish – As you might expect from the thick palate the finish is long and lingering as well. There is tobacco leaves and a smoked fish which gives just a hint of salt.

Final Thoughts

This Glen Scotia is packed full of flavour and interest. There is a lot of wood influence from a deep charring which has smothered everything in its path. There is little of the Glen Scotia spirit or any subtly about it but make no mistake I really enjoyed this one like I did all the others.

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