The ONE Blended Whisky

This review is on a rather interesting conceptualised blended whisky. This blend from the Lakes Distillery in Cumbria contains whisky from all over the British Isles. It has been developed to bring in initial cash into the distillery while they wait their stocks maturing and to grow brand awareness for what they are up to […]

Johnnie Walker Double Black

This is the second article in our Johnnie Walker series a review of the Double Black expression. A “Distiller’s Edition” of the Black label bottle if you like. The History The Johnnie Walker name starts in Kilmarnock which is a town in Ayrshire on the west of Scotland. A 14 year old boy called John […]

The Half-Century Blend

Day 24 Christmas Eve and the last day of the calendar. After this post I can concentrate on tidying up the place rather than adding new articles every day. Maybe. The Brand For more information on the Blended Whisky Company then see yesterdays review here. The Dram The half-century blend as the name suggests is […]