When you think Campbeltown you could be forgiven for only thinking of Springbank and the Mitchell family. There is however another player in the area making a name for itself again.

The Distillery

The Glen Scotia distillery was founded into a legal producer of whisky in 1832. Like so many distilleries there is a catalogue of previous owners, mothball periods and financial ruin of owners. Compared to most Campbeltown distilleries however it has at least survived with production being uninterrupted since 1999.

The distillery is in a resurgent period since being bought over in 2014 by the owners of Loch Lomond distillery. The production equipment has been upgraded and built around a much smaller workforce. Money has been spent to improve the visitor centre and general look of the buildings to capitalise on the growth of the whisky tourist.

The Dram


The Glen Scotia Double Cask is an entry level NAS in their core range. What we do know is this “triple-matured” whisky which I do not think has been chill-filtered. The ex-bourbon casks are first finished in fresh bourbon barrels before a final maturation in ex Pedro Ximenex sherry casks. These sherry casks contained by sweet and sticky sherry and that sweetness we hope comes through in the glass.

The whisky is bottled at a solid 46%ABV and represents good value at £37.24 here

Tasting Notes


Colour – golden orange (probably with E150a)

Nose – Cinnamon sticks and oak spices make this a spicy nose. The sherry influence in their in sticky sweetness along side some vanilla and toffee.

Palate – More sticky sweet notes and rich spiciness from layers of wood influence. The mouth feeling is quite thick and luxurious with just a hint of wood char in the background.

Finish – Stem ginger and tart fruits. Pine cones and fruit cake ingredients complete the finish.

Final Thoughts

I really liked this entry level whisky. There is a lot of character and flavour from this well priced little whisky. The px sherry final finish I think really lifted this from being perhaps a little boring and forgettable.

I will be looking at getting a bottle of this and the 15 year old which is also well regarded soon. Thanks to WhiskyWire for the free sample of this one though.

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