2017 Q3 Review

With the closing credits on summer 2017 its time to consider what were the winners and losers in the drams we tried. I am not sure we actually had much of a summer up here in Scotland (ed: yawn always a weather comment) but apparently, it’s over now anyway. The Highlights Lagavulin 1999 (bottled 2015) […]

2017 Q2 Roundup

As we race through 2017 we are at the end of Q2 already. With thoughts of summer holidays and the start of the schools closing we look back at the last three months. What were the highlights and what left us wanting maybe just a little bit more. The Highlights Balblair 1990 Second Edition A […]

2017 Quarter 1 Roundup

This is my first quarterly roundup post on what I enjoyed in the last three months and what I did not like as much. I am not sure if these will work but I will give it a few shots this year and see  how it works out. Top 3 Whiskies Claxton’s Ardmore 8 Year […]