Islay Films from 1948

In what has to be the oldest freely available footage from the Isle of Islay I have found 6 YouTube videos from an Ian Maclean. Using 8mm film Ian’s father shot all of these movies using what would be a very expensive camera at the time during family holidays to the island I suspect. What […]

How is Scotch Malt Whisky Made?

In this article I will attempt to explain as concisely and simply as possible how malt whisky is made in Scotland. Fundamentally, whisky in other countries follows roughly the same idea with the odd tweak here and there. TL;DR Step 1 – Grow some barley The basic raw ingredient of whisky is barley. For most […]

Why I don’t score whiskies

With fifty articles on the blog now I wanted to explain why I made the conscious decision to not end each review with a score. Rather, I end each review with a paragraph or two which relatively concisely rounds up my thoughts. The first thing to get out the way is what is a score? […]

Are NAS whiskies days numbered?

Non Age Statement whiskies or NAS because who not like an acronym are whisky bottles which do not state an age on the label. In 2017 these shy whiskies have a pretty bad reputation with both casual and regular whisky consumers. If that really is the case and whisky producers make cold decisions based on […]