Glen Scotia 16 Year Old

The last whisky from the Glen Scotia tasting is a Travel Retail Exclusive. The growth in the travel retail sector for spirit sales has recently been very strong. Increasingly producers are spending money developing their brand presence in the “Duty Free” shops in airports. Margins here are boosted by expressions only available through that distribution […]

Glen Scotia 25 Year Old

Following on from my review of the very accessible Glen Scotia Double cask comes something a little more exclusive and rare. The Glen Scotia 25 Year Old was released for the 2017 Campbeltown Whisky Festival in May. A sample of which was kindly donated to me via a Tweet Tasting using #LochLomond recently. The Dram […]

Glen Scotia Double Cask

When you think Campbeltown you could be forgiven for only thinking of Springbank and the Mitchell family. There is however another player in the area making a name for itself again. The Distillery The Glen Scotia distillery was founded into a legal producer of whisky in 1832. Like so many distilleries there is a catalogue […]