On 25th January I got the privilege of being involved in a tweet tasting of three 12 year old samples from Macallan. The three samples were 12 Fine Oak, 12 Sherry Oak and finally the more recent 12 Double Cask.

A tweet tasting is a really interesting event for any whisky fan. The basic premise is samples are sent to a pre-selected group of participates and using a pre agreed hashtag discuss the drams. There will also usually be a brand representative on board to answer questions and give extra information on the whisky. In many ways this is just like a real world distillery lead tasting but with a global audience to listen in and contribute to the discussion as well. The hashtag in use for this event was #TheMacallan and the conversation can be found at https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&q=%23TheMacallan&src=typd

The 12 year old sherry cask review can be found on the blog already from the Christmas Advent series at The Macallan 12 Year Old Sherry Oak and in this post we will look at my favourite from the night the Double Cask.

The Dram


This 12 year old bottling is created from European and American sherry seasoned oak before being vatted together and bottled at 40% ABV. The colour of this bottle as with all Macallan’s is natural but there is “light” chill-filtration which  is an example of one of the new details I  found out on this tweet tasting event.

This bottle was only introduced last year and was a welcome departure from the current no age statement bottlings seen in the last few years. What remains to be seen is how the liquid tasted and if it is also a departure from the other Macallan’s tasted.

Tasting Notes

Colour – rustic orange

Nose – honey and vanilla straight away. The sherry influence is not quite as apparent.

Palate – toffee and caramel now which is more like a sherry matured whisky. It is creamy and delicate but for the ABV still very flavourful . more honey and vanilla again from the nose. Trademark clean slick texture of Macallan as well

Finish – a dry finish with a burnt treacle flavour

Final Thoughts

The biggest thing I have noticed trying three Macallan’s together is they all have the same unique texture. Macallan are using Golden Promise barley and another strain of barley they say was developed just for them. This along with a fine cut of spirit off the stills is what is giving this trademark texture and it was noticeable through all three samples I tried.

The Fine Oak and Sherry Oak were very much traditional whiskies which would not put off any whisky customer. What I enjoy about this Double Cask version though is just how different it was. In terms of the flavours it sits between the mellow Fine Oak and the stronger sherry flavours of the Sherry Oak but it brings its own distinctive characters of honey and treacle to the mix as well. If you like your Macallan’s and are considering a purchase of the double cask then I would say you should go for it.

My thanks to MacAllan for the samples and Whisky Wire for organising the tasting event

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