The last in our mini series of 12 year old expressions from The Macallan. The fine oak is the lightest bottle of the three we have reviewed. The Sherry Oak and Double Cask reviews can be found here and here


The Range

The Fine Oak range from Macallan is a series of age stated bottles made from a combination of casks seasoned with bourbon and sherry. The range consists of the following:

So not cheap then!

The Dram


As with all Macallan whisky this is natural colour and chill-filtered but not harshly or so I am told. The strength is 40% and £59.95 in most online retailers.

Tasting Notes

Colour – rustic orange

Nose –  light and delicate nose. There honey and the sherried fruits but you have to let it breath to get the most from it

Palate – The palate follows the nose on this one but it is creamy with that slightly unusual macallan texture

Finish –  short finish but the oak tannin’s come out to round of the whisky

Final Thoughts

There is nothing bad or wrong with this whisky. It is very pleasant but perhaps not very exciting. It is a whisky to have when you want a social drink but not something you want to dissect and understand on your own. The problem really is the price at least in the UK is at the point I want to be able to dissect and understand the whisky. For the £60 asked I want to be challenged or exposed to something new and interesting.

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