Day 24 Christmas Eve and the last day of the calendar. After this post I can concentrate on tidying up the place rather than adding new articles every day. Maybe.


The Brand

For more information on the Blended Whisky Company then see yesterdays review here.

The Dram

The half-century blend as the name suggests is a declaration that this is a 50 year old whisky. That is to say all the components in this glass are at least 50 years old. This is exactly where these little 30ml samples come in really useful. The chances of me owning a full size bottle of whisky at this age is extremely unlikely but couple that to the chances of me actually opening that bottle if I ever got to add it to my collection and it’s basically zero. However, this particular bottle is not completely outside the scope of possibilities for a large section of the whisky community at £600 here.

As you would expect for such a rare and premium product there has been no fakery with the colouring and none of this precious liquid was lost to the barbaric chill-filteration process. This is a carefully put together natural blend at 45.5% and 768 bottles were produced.

In our day 23 blog post of a well aged single grain Invergordan whisky here we spoke about how useful aging is to grain whisky. We compared how the no age statement Girvan from earlier in the month compared to something with 25 years of aging. Now today we are doubling the age again and will see what this brings to the table.


Tasting Notes

colour – autumn gold

Nose – fruity with apples, pears, mango. Zesty and bright after 50 years but behind this there is a fruitcake but also cut grass. Enjoying the smell a lot. It’s the contrast of exotic fruits but also rich old oak dryness

Palate – lots of oak but not overpowering and there is no harshness. There is steeped raisins and nuts. With some time I am starting to notice lemons. The texture is thick and creamy

Finish – Lots of concentrated blackcurrants and berries. strong tea and something like an antique furniture shop. This is sexy stuff.

Final Thoughts

This is super cool whisky. The first thing to point out is the grain whisky. When you first smell the glass you know the grain is there but it is not how you have ever smelt or tasted grain before. It has been tamed by 50 years imprisoned in wood and behaved extremely well with the malt whisky. The whole product has married well.

My tasting notes refer to wood and oak an awful lot. Partly because I am just don’t have the vocabulary to make some better metaphors but also, as you would expect for the age, the wood has had an impact on the spirit. I would not say this over aged or over oaked. It is just really really nice stuff. If I was in the market to buy AND open £600 bottles this is definitely one to open and savour. It is a real shame to leave it to sit on a shelf and possibly  deteriorate in the bottle.

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