The second last dram from the calendar and we are hitting the expensive boys now. Today we are experiencing whisky that will never be made again.


The Brand

The Blended Whisky Company is another brand owned by the people who bring you the Master of Malt online store. The main reason for this brand is to put together blends using very rare whiskies. The Lost Distillers Blend as the name suggests is made entirely using whisky from now closed distilleries.

As with all the brands owned by Master of Malt these whiskies are pure and unadulterated so no colouring or filtering here at all. Also the packaging is of the highest standard as well.


The Dram


This is batch 8 of the Lost Distilleries blend and contains malt whiskies from Caperdonich, Rosebank, Imperial, Mosstowie, Glen Mhor, Glenisla, Glenlochy, Port Ellen and Brora, along with grain whisky from Port Dundas. It is presented as pure as possible at 53.1% ABV with no colouring or filtration. It is still available to buy here for £349.95.

Tasting Notes

Colour – Lemon Juice

Nose – The grain is the first thing you smell. It is sweet and sharp but then some fresh baking

Palate (no water) – very closed at full strength i can’t really make anything out

Palate (water) – concentrated apple juice, orange rind and dark chocolate

Finish (no water) – lots of fresh fruit apples, pears and barley

Finish (water) – the slightest of slight hint of smoke eventually

Final Thoughts

With a whisky like this you have to be honest with yourself and realise you are paying for the story. Whisky from closed distilleries is never going to be cheap. The thing you have to accept at least some extent is the liquid will never be worth the money asked for. In my review that is very much how it played out. In my admittedly small sample of this whisky the Port Ellen did not seem to be there at all. In fact if I had not read the marketing on this whisky I would suggest there was no peated stock in here at all.

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