Recently I mentioned I thought the Port finished 2018 festival bottle from Glen Scotia was a bit of a disappointment. After that I got the chance to try the 2019 version to see if I preferred that in Rum finished format. I am always ready to enjoy a Glen Scotia so how could I resist. I will say now though that it looks to be hard to find so my recommendations for available ones are the Double Cask for the small budget and the 25 year for the silly budget.

The Dram

A peated version of the Glen Scotia which was distilled in 2003 before bottling in 2019. That makes it basically 16 years old by my money with most of that time in refill ex-bourbon barrels with a finish in Guyanan rum casks for an unknown amount of time. The whisky is cask strength though and was originally available for between £60 and £70 which is pretty good value again like the previous years bottle.

Tasting Notes

Colour – Golden yellow

Nose – Caramel sauce over bananas with a punch of chilli heat.

Palate – A touch of smoke but very subtle to give a base of earthiness really. Good thick texture. Tropical fruit for sweetness and brown sugar like those caramel banana’s on the nose.

Finish – A long finish with a weird saline type note which I haven’t seen before in Glen Scotia

Final Thoughts

Did I like this more than last year? Meh not really sure but I think there is something about these festival bottles which makes them seem distinctive on paper but somehow too conservative on tasting. To be fair this Rum version is better on that front than last years Port but only just

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