I guess when it comes to Glen Scotia I sound quite hypocritical. I keep saying I love the distillery and like the bottles but then review some bottles and find them lacking. The festival specials have been a bit of a dud to me but the core range has always been a sure fire winner.

The latest I have tried is the 18 year old in its fancy gold packaging I am hoping to find something more to my taste this time.

The Dram

Ok so a gold box this time for the 18 year old. The younger 15 year old is in a black box and the Double Cask is in a more pictorial box. This is all very weird but Glen Scotia have experience in muddled branding.

The vital information on this whisky though is good. Most of its time has been spent in ex-bourbon barrels and then a finish in sherry. Bottled at 46% ABV with natural colour and a price tag under £90. Those are very reasonable metrics today and not to be sniffed at.

Tasting Notes

Colour – As golden as the box

Nose – subtly saline yet still fruity. Earthy as well

Palate – Good thick texture and caramel sauce on vanilla ice-cream. Hints of wood spice and cinnamon.

Finish – Long finish which has a lot of wood maturation in it. Wood sap and brine.

Final Thoughts

There we go a good interesting and well priced single malt from Glen Scotia. There is a bit of everything from sherry fruits to long ex-bourbon wood with a touch of house style salt as well. This is a well priced, classy, sensible and sophisticated whisky.


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