Glen Scotia has been a fairly good bet for me in the last few years. Apart from the odd limited edtion which I didn’t enjoy much they have all been good value and good whisky. It doesn’t matter where you land on the price spectrum it has been always reliably very good.

The 15 year old sits in the middle of the pack in the mid teens with a price of around 55 to 60 pounds in the UK. The expression has been available on an ongoing basis for the last five years and my bottle was bought maybe 3 years ago now. It is bottled at 46%ABV using only ex-bourbon barrels with natural colour and an alluring black cardboard box.

Tasting Notes

Colour – orange marmalade

Nose – brine solution, BBQ smoke with a honey glaze

Palate – Good texture which I always like, vanilla, warming ginger and cinnamon swirls

Finish – Long finish and the smoke which was absent on the palate comes back on the finish. lots of drying spice

Final Thoughts

When I first opened this I wasn’t too sure about it. There was a heavy salty influence and a tight chilli bound heat. In time though that is evaporated off and the layers have come through. It is far better now into the second half of the bottle over the first. Whisky is something to take your time over to get the best out of it and this is the kind of bottle which forcing you into doing just that.

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