I have had a few business’s over the years and like lots of people some have been a disaster and others have been pretty decent overall. None have killer run away successes allowing me a life of never worrying about money again but have you ever seen something and just wished you had thought of it?

Cheaper by the Dram is one of those ideas which has it all. A deceptively simple idea in a sector filled with regulation and complexity which fills a need to a large subset of consumers. Alcohol sales and scotch whisky are a difficult business to get in to. You can’t just setup an ebay account and start selling bottles of black label out of your spare room. Equally you can’t just buy a bottle at auction and sell 25ml sample bottles on a website.

What Cheaper by the Dram does is provide a legitimate way of buying a 30ml sample of a whisky only available on the secondary market and usually at a price too high to warrant actually opening a bottle if you do own it. To be fair perhaps there are a lot of people who would be ok opening bottles they paid hundreds and hundreds of pounds for but I suspect I am not alone in finding it hard to swallow that kind of money.

So what bottles are available? Well if you go to their online store you will see what is on offer at the moment. New bottles are added every fortnight and they are hopeful their second batch of bottles will get to the bottling hall soon. COVID has slowed things down for them with so much of the alcohol production world moving to making alcohol gel.

Some examples though are like this bowmore dumpy bottle at £30. Which isn’t cheap for sure but buying even at auction this bottle would cost you hundred’s of pounds.

Not everything requires that kind of money though. At the other end of the spectrum is a 12 year old Glenturret from the 1980’s for £10.

This isn’t an advert though and I am not being paid. I am just a customer who liked an idea so much I bought three!


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