Day 14 initially I thought was a repeat of a bottle I tried in a tweet tasting. The labels on the Boutique-y bottles are cool and remember able. This is a great trick but with so many releases now they aren’t unique to each batch so when I see that horse-y label I originally though it was the Irish Single Malt #1 24 Year Old (That Boutique-y Whisky Company)

It is though the 13 year old version from another or the same unmentionable distillery.

There is 1726 bottles originally but right now as I write it is on a flash sale. Originally £60 a bottle it is £35 saving £25. This deal is a limited time deal with only so many bottles available at that price. If you are interested I would jump quickly as 72% have already been sold.

On that note I will jump straight into the notes and get you on your way to the checkout.

Tasting Notes

Irish Single Malt #1 13 Year Old (That Boutique-y Whisky Company)

Colour – light yellow

Nose – light but fruity with apples and pears vanilla and coconut. All very standard.

Palate – medium texture with more of those bright fruity fresh citric flavours

Finish – a fresh and long finish of lemongrass

Final Thoughts

A very Irish single malt with a decent discount. I wouldn’t want to have spent £60 particularly but at £35 this is a cool buy. A proportion of the value is for sure in the label.

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