The Glenturret has been in the news a fair amount in 2018. Having been put up for sale the Glenturret distillery with its Famous Grouse visitor attraction has now been sold and is about to go under a lot of change. Before too much more is done I took a weekend out to drive up to visit the place between Christmas and New Year. There will be an article coming soon but first a post on the base line entry level product from Glenturret. The 10 year old single ( ie: not Famouse Grouse)

The Dram

The Glenturret 10 year old is the youngest age stated whisky in the range at 10 years old. Maturely complete in ex-bourbon casks this is a naturally coloured whisky which has been chill-filtered. The bottling strength is the minimum 40% and it can be picked up for around £30-£35 a bottle in the UK.


Tasting Notes

Colour – quite a clear straw

Nose – lots of barley sugar and cereal notes. Very restrained and quiet but there is some honey and something slightly buttery.

Palate – Again very restrained. Grassy and straw qualities on a medium amount of texture to the whisky.

Finish – Like the palate and indeed the rest of the whisky the finish is restrained and short. There is a touch of oak and some more of the grass and vegetation theme which runs throughout.

Final Thoughts

An approachable and simple enough whisky which you will find somewhere in most whisky portfolio’s. This doesn’t make it bad and if offered you should definitely take it gladly but don’t seek it out before stocks run out and the new owners bring out their own range in the coming months or years.

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