In the last in the Christmas series we visit the smallest supermarket chain M&S Food. In the past I have picked up quite a few little gems in the spirits section. Truth be told in fact the M&S exclusives account for a large proportion of all the traffic to this blog. In true click bait style it makes sense to add another M&S article as we approach the end of the year to get my stats up for YTD. (I joke, probably)


Sadly, the range in my local stores isn’t what it used to be. In the past this entire stand would contain whisky whereas now its encountering competition from white spirits coming up from the bottom shelves.

As an aside please don’t take the risks I did on getting this image above. It could led to awkward conversions with staff and a shop ban.

Glen Scotia Double Cask

  • Glen Scotia Double Cask
  • Excellent and affordable Glen Scotia
  • Try to get for under £40 and its a bargain.
  • Lots of rich px sherry influence is a general crowd pleaser

Tamdhu 12 Year Old – M&S Exclusive


Glengoyne 14 Year Old – M&S Exclusive


Four Roses Bourbon – Small Batch


  • Four Roses Small Batch
  • With bourbon prices up in the UK this is good value at around £30
  • One of the first bourbons I tried and is a good option for anyone wanting to try the category.

Quite an interesting mix of whiskies are available in M&S and they are constantly changing the lineup with new products. When it comes to clearing out the stock they normally have pretty decent deductions to make way for new stock. While this might be of new use in the run up to Christmas its something to remember come the new year.

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