Part two of my Marks & Spencer mini series for whisky exclusives. Part one was on the Tamdhu 12 at Tamdhu 12 Year Old – M&S Exclusive

Glengoyne is the sister distillery in the Ian Macleod stable and this M&S exclusive provides an extra two years of maturation on the standard expression in a similar fashion to the Tamdhu exclusive.

The Dram


In the older style Glengoyne packaging this bottle is still widely available in most M&S food courts which carry a whisky selection. At 14 years old it is a fair age whisky, aged entirely in sherry casks from Spain. The wonderful dark colour is completely natural as well which is an important touch. The label or the packaging doesn’t make any mention of chill-filtration sadly so I don’t know the situation on that front. The only other slightly disappointing point is the minimum 40% ABV but lets see how that impacts the flavour.

Regularly slightly discounted it can be picked up for around £35 online or instore.

Tasting Notes


Colour – copper orange

Nose – rich orange peel and cinnamon spices. The low alcohol strength does not detract but the rich smells billowing out the glass.

Palate – lots of dried fruits and wood spices. Quite bitter sweet flavour profile with juicy raisins and sultanas combining it oak tannin’s.

Finish – A quite drying finish with bitter citrus peel. A winter christmas boutique of cinnamon, pine cones and star anise.

Final Thoughts

I really like this well made whisky. It is richer and spicier than the official 12 year old which is globally available. Where that one is creamy and slightly vanilla. This one is all cinnamon pastries and bitter orange. Definitely one to pick up if you like sherry whiskies and live in the UK.



One thought on “Glengoyne 14 Year Old (M&S Exclusive)

  1. I’d planned on buying a bottle of this awhile ago but they don’t stock it in my M&S and I’ve not got round to ordering it online yet – after reading your review though I might be motivated enough to order a bottle soon!


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