This month’s sample from Whisky-Me is something very new and very rare from a new distillery in Perth Scotland.

The Distillery

The Strathearn distillery is a farm based distillery which is one of the newer and smaller whisky distilleries in Scotland. They also make gin and rum alongside distilling and maturing whisky.

The distillery employ a mere 8 people and run tours. Again, at the risk of over exposing the Whisky-Me club (Who do not pay me, infact I pay them…monthly) find below the YouTube video from there visit.

(apologies for the music)

The Dram

This small 60 litre single cask numbered 13 was bottled into pouches and 50cl bottles at cask strength. A 50cl bottle is £110 and a 5cl pouch is £12 to non members of the scheme.

Check out or

Tasting Notes

Colour – Marmalade

Nose – Vanilla and buttery with some pastry crusts. Cafe latte coffee’s and apple crumble pies. Touch of cloves

Palate – Spirity but not hot. More cloves and cracked black pepper. Lots of nuts and dark chocolate.

Finish – Lots of apple juice with some coffee as well. Perhaps a hint of toffee with wood spices, cloves and chilli peppers.

Final Thoughts

I thought that was really excellent whisky and at the kind of age where an awful lot of people are automatically put it. Just out of principle they are missing out on exciting whiskies which are vibrant, robust and flavourful. Admittedly, they almost happily miss out spending money on some truly awful spirit which is simply undrinkable. Surely though that is half the fun?!?

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