This one will be a cheaty one to start with. This attempt is only using supermarketing in the UK and giving prices using the cheapest every recorded prices for those malts over the last 12 months. Clearly, this is cheating but I wanted to show that if the moon’s align for you then you can really get some extraordinary bargains today if you know where to look.

Bottle 1 – Bowmore 9 Year Old

Cheapest Price – £15

Cheapest Location – Asda


Bottle 2 – Glen Moray Peated

Cheapest Price – £18

Cheapest Location – Sainsburys


Bottle 3 – Aberlour 10 Year Old

Cheapest Price – £22

Cheapest Location – Tesco


Bottle 4 – Old Pulteney 12 Year Old

Cheapest Price – £24

Cheapest Location – Sainsburys


Bottle 5 – Ardmore Legacy

Cheapest Price – £20

Cheapest Location – ASDA


So there you have it five full size bottles of whisky all for £99 or 71p per 25ml measure. Three of the bottles carried an age statement and three were peated and most were the minimum $0%ABV. Obviously the cheat here was in the reduced to clear price of the Bowmore which is no longer available as well as the uber low special offers on all the Glen Moray’s available in Sainsburys which appear every quarter or so.

What I really wanted to show was that if you monitor the supermarket deals each month you can strong boost your whisky diversity. If I had paid RRP on these five bottles I would have spent somewhere around £140 which is another two bottles potentially at these discounted prices.

My next attempt at the challenge will be using more widely available pricing but to achieve the goal of £100 I will need to utilise more unusual bottles sizes.


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