After the detailed previous post of the Glengoyne distillery visit we have a more in-depth look at the cask I took a bottle of home with me.


Well packaged in a nice special little presentation box this is a lovely little keep sake of your visit. The bottle has no label on it but a shabby chic cardboard tag containing all the important information. A picture of this label is below but please do excuse my pathetically childish handwriting.


The Dram

So the details on the tag are as follows. This bottle was filled from cask number 1793 which was an ex-bourbon hogshead barrel. The whisky was distilled in 1997 and bottled by me on 26th  November 2016. The alcoholic strength by volume is 54.8% and obviously I didn’t have the opportunity to colour it artificially or put it through any filter paper. If you want to buy it I accept all major forms of credit cards for a sample!

Tasting Notes

Colour – Golden yellow

Nose – a bright and sharp start of baked cooking apples in syrup. More sweetness from burnt sugar follows on with plenty of rich honey. With water there is a fizzy sherbet lemon quality to it.

Palate – absolutely no burn or heat without water here at all but it is zesty. More of the rich  honey to start with and then hints of mint. With water the vanilla comes out from behind the honey notes.

Finish – The baking apples turn slightly sour on the finish with the cask influence  providing a spicy herby bitterness.

Final Thoughts

This is a great little dram with the nose especially holding so much of my attention. If this is how good single cask ex-bourbon matured Glengoyne can be I think we should see more of this style from the official bottlings. For now though we will have to make do with the independent bottlers to satisfy our desires. However, for a full bottle of this I would pay at least as much as I did for the official 21 year old on the day.

After completing this review I went online looking for a similar Glengoyne to this one. I found something almost identical I think in this one here. Please do not buy until I have though!


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