So three brands in three days from the people at The Vintage Malt Whisky Company then. Least its not a peated Islay this time or a single malt.


The Brand

No information really exists about this brand. This is a blended malt which means, as we already know from previous posts, that all the components are malt whisky. The label on the full size bottle suggests this is all Highland malts but the official Vintage Malt Whisky website has no information on this bottle at all.


The Dram

As is so consistent with these bottles from Vintage Malts there is no information on colouring or filtering but I think we can say it probably is coloured and filtered. It is available here for £24.82.

Can I just point out at this point, I have reviewed three brands from this one company in three days and each glass I have pictured looks exactly the same. Each one is meant to be completely styles of whisky but each one looks exactly the same. Pretty depressing.


Tasting Notes

Colour – Fake Tan

Nose – initially very spirit y, parma violet sweets and a strong fruit cake

Palate – thin mouth feel, honey and lots of toffee and malt

Finish – hangs around quite a bit considering the strength, mostly a sticky fruitiness. The finish does end in a kind of chemically bite.

Final Thoughts

This reminds me of and feels like it is trying to replicate the experience of Aberlour 10. That is not a bad thing because that is a very good product to want to provide an alternative to.

To achieve this though you have to be a better product or a cheaper product. In my opinion it is not as flavourful as the Aberlour and at £24.70 here  Aberlour is actually cheaper. Also it provides an age statement and provenance.

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