Carrying on the theme of late for book reviews I found this little book on my shelf. Its been sitting for a while so it was overdue to look through it again. When I bought this probably in 2017 I had tried very few of the distilleries or bottles mentioned in the bottle. Things have come on a  little since then  but even with a more experienced viewpoint now this book still have value.

Each of the 101 bottles has a double page spread. This includes a picture of the bottle in question and some key facts about the distillery this bottle is from. What is interesting though is the author goes further than just giving tasting notes of the bottle that makes up one of the 101 bottles. There is a discussion about the distillery and perhaps other bottles from the range you might like to try. For me though there is generally a short little opinion piece from the author on previous bottles or little factoids.

This version isn’t the latest version either so for a tenner you can get it delivered from Amazon This will have the bottles updated for this year and the facts updated as well. An example is in my book Deanston is quoted as having no visitor centre. We all know however Deanston has one of the best visitor experiences available in Scotland.

However, if you don’t have a tenner then the version I have is available for the change in you pocket from Amazon still as well. Additionally, if you don’t like whisky and therefore why are you still reading this? Ian also does a similar book for those who like gin. It follows the same format and I learnt so much from that book. I am ashamed to say I didn’t think gin was so varied and produced so extensively all over the world. Sounds silly but I guess I have been too whisky centeric for too long.

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