Things are getting to the silly money stages now with ideas under £100. At this kind of money there is a  number of excellent options which will really get a smile on the 25th. However, with the whisky bubble growing all the time there is also some really easy ways to waste your hard earned money. If your budget is a little smaller though you can also check out my article on whiskies under £50 Christmas Gift Ideas under £50

The Single Malt Choice

There are two options for a single malt which I think are both excellent. At the moment the 18 year old is easier to find in budget than the 21. However, there is a sense that we won’t see the 18 for much longer and like the 15 revival when it comes back it won’t be the same or as affordable. To give someone a gift before it becomes only available from auction houses strike now or risk losing out forever.

The 21 parliament I have already tried and reviewed on this blog. To read my thoughts click through to The GlenDronach 21 Year Old – Parliament

The Blended Choice

Another two options to consider in the blended sector are from some of the biggest names in the industry. The Chivas royal salute and Blue Label from Johnnie Walker are two aspirational brands which even people who know nothing about whisky can recognise and understand.

To the taste they are perhaps a little underwhelming giving the price but if you are looking for a blended whisky which makes an impact as a gift these are good options.

The Bourbon Choice


It might surprise our American visitors that this is only just under £100 here in the UK. Currently, Bourbon prices are stupidly high because of tariffs and taxes and supply and demand. None of this takes away from what is a very excellent bourbon its just an awful lot of money when you previously didn’t have to pay so damn much before!

The Rest of the World Choice

Smogen are a swedish distillery and this 7 year old whisky has been matured full term in red wine casks from Bordeaux. The spirit is heavily peated so combining that with red wine is a flavour profile I really enjoy just now.

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