After the initial offering from Jura the first age statement release is the 10 year old. This replaces the origin bottle from last year which was also a 10 year old. If you want to know my thoughts on that bottle is can be found at Jura 10 – Origin . That bottle I reviewed before it was taken off the shelves and this one arrived so does it work for me any better than the old one?

The 10 year old adds a finish of Oloroso sherry before bottling. This has been quite a short finish and at 38 pounds in the UK its more of less the same price as the Journey. I suspect this is only a couple of years at most older than the Journey. However, as we know here its not how long you age but how well you age that matters.

Tasting Notes

Colour – whisky yellow

Nose – Quite a harsh nose. Prickly heat and quite a lot of dough notes. There is a strong helping of salt but little smoke.

Palate – The palate brings in citric rinds add a difference to the palate. Mostly though its still quite a harsh ride.

Finish – Short finish as you can expect. Little smoke with a subtle peppery and spicy finish.

Final Thoughts

My impression of the 10 year old is that it has lost its interest and character from the Origin version. I also prefer the slightly cheaper Journey which at least had some character about it.

This is a bland and inoffensive malt which would work as a gift for someone who isn’t a big whisky drinker and you want to get them something as a gift which they might see as a treat.

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