Jura recently released a statement that there entire core range was being discontinued. To many it was followed by a disappointing announcement that it was being replaced with other age stated products.

Since the old stuff will be going cheap (even more than usual) soon to make way for new stock I thought it was a good chance to sample it and give my opinion. #ClickBait

The Distillery

Jura is one of those distilleries people enjoy making fun of. It is currently fairly fashionable to bash it and generally talk smack about it. They pretty much bring it on themselves by saying they were established in 1810 when in reality it was the 1960’s. They are currently owned by Whyte & MacKay and the Nose Richard Paterson if the man behind the recipes who also does Dalmore (another brand we love to hate on).

There is little to say about Jura really it’s a large scale factory which produces a lot of whisky for blending and for the single malt market. You will find it in supermarkets all over the world (at least in Europe) with small price tags and big marketing stories. They have a visitor centre and a ferry trip from Islay is a cheap and quick if not a little rusty ferry hop.

The Dram


The Jura 10 is at least 10 years old and bottled at 40% ABV. It has colouring in it and it has been chill-filtered. It is cheap and simple stuff in a nice little bottle. There is generally some kind of advertising and gimmicky tin to be had at most major events in the year. Expect to pay between £25 and £30 in the UK although since it is being discontinued I would expect some bargains out there under £20 to be coming soon.

Tasting Notes


Colour – E150

Nose – salty with a touch of almonds. It is pretty chemically in nature though. Sugary sweet but sweetners rather than cane.

Palate – Thin palate as you might have expected. There is lemons and honey and little else. Very middle of the road and safe.

Finish – Very short, Lemon and limes but really this is a conversion dram to come out from the blends and into the malts if not into whisky for the first time.

Final Thoughts

That pretty much sums things up though that this is a dram for starting out in your whisky journey. It has been designed to meet a brief and to appeal to a certain buyer. If that buyer isn’t you move along to something else.

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