The final review in the latest mini series from this most versatile of distilleries is the Inchmoan 12 Year Old. Inchmoan is their peated expression which was just released at the beginning of June 2017.

For more information on the Loch Lomond distillery which produces Inchmoan see my Loch Lomond 12 Years Old review.

The Dram


The Inchmoan 12 is made from a combination of re-charred American Oak and first fill ex-bourbon barrels. The new make comes from both traditional pot stills and the more unusual Lomond stills. For more information on the Lomond still see my Inchmurrin 12 Year Old review.

The 12 Year old contains some caramel colouring for “consistency” again sadly but it is not chill-filtered. A bottle of this will set you back around £45 and is available here.

Tasting Notes


Colour – Radiant orange

Nose – Initially it is quite sharp but there is a richness here as well. In time there is dates and toffee pudding. Ashy smoke smoulders out as well.

Palate – The palate follows the nose but I can’t help but feel there is a chemically note in their as well. Some kind of artificial and plastic note.

Finish – The finish is quite dry. More of the ashy peat smoke but this is balanced with vanilla sweetness.

Final Thoughts

This didn’t really do it for me I have to say. I really enjoy peated whiskies and I am definitely all for mainland distilleries producing their own style of peaters. I agree  absolutely it would be a mistake for them to replicate the Islay style wholesale however this one feels harsh and chemically.

I also did not particularly enjoy the Inchmurrin 12 which I recently reviewed so perhaps the Lomand stills distillate doesn’t quite sit with me or perhaps its this constant use of “recharred” oak. Whatever the reason I won’t be buying a full bottle of either of those whiskies.

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