Ok so take two and this is my more serious attempt the challenge I set myself. The rules for this challenge are laid out in my original post which you can find here.

Bottle 1 – The Ileach Peaty

Price – £22.50

Size – 70cl


Bottle 2 – Oban 14 Year Old

Price – £14.50

Size – 20cl


Bottle 3 – Arran 10 Year Old

Price – 13.50

Size – 20cl


Bottle 4 – Glen Moray 10 Chardonnay Cask

Price – £24.50

Size – 70cl


Bottle 5 – Auchentoshan American Oak

Price – £20

Size – 70cl


In this attempt I was looking to get breadth into my collection of five bottles. Each region is represented here apart from Campbeltown which just pushed the £100 a little too far. Even with literal use of small size bottles this collection still manages to include 2.5 litres of alcohol for the total of £95 which breaks down to 95p per 25ml measure. This is a little more expensive than my first attempt but that was pretty insane.

This collection includes a lot of interesting bottles from the mellow and creamy Auchentoshan to the smokey toffee-ish Ileach there is something to use as a jumping off point to other whiskies in that category.


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