Whisky is expensive. It has always been expensive but it feels like today it is too expensive to drink. How many people would be ok opening and drinking bottles that cost £500 or £1000. Buying bottles for a collection is one thing but actually opening them is not something I could stomach very often (ever).

I have been thinking about this for a while now and it got me thinking. There is a lot of hyper marketed bottles now but their is also still some solid bargains. I wonder how much interesting, unusual and quality whisky £100 ($122/€116) can buy. I suspect the answer is surprisingly an awful lot and so to prove it I want to set everyone a challenge.

The challenge is to source a small interesting collection of whisky for only £100 within three simple rules:

  1. Collection must include FIVE bottles at least
  2. Any size of bottle is allowed
  3. Must not spend over the 100 pounds but postage costs are not included

Points will be awarded for creativity and breadth to your collection.



5 thoughts on “The #Whisky100Challenge

  1. That’s a really nice idea, Dave! I just went “shopping” at my favorite whisky shop in town, Weinquelle Lühmann (www.weinquelle.com). Here’s what EUR 116 got me: “The Original Peaty” by Finlaggan for EUR 19.95 (gotta have Islay covered), “12 Years Old” by Auchentoshan for EUR 28.95 (something smooth and rounded), “105 (0.35 litres)” by Glenfarclas for EUR 26.35 (the collection needs a sherry bomb), “Bourbon 45” by Bulleit for EUR 20.90 (even though I prefer Scotch, a bottle of bourbon couldn’t hurt) and “Trad. Irish Whiskey” by Kilbeggan for EUR 14.95 (an Irish classic for a no-brainer price). All in all, I have not even stressed the budget to the very last penny and still gotten myself a nice collection of diverse and high-quality whiskies. I just wish I could go 2 Euros over budget to make that ‘Farclas a full litre. 😉


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