Whisky Works is the experimental Compass Box competitor in the Whyte&MacKay stable. Indeed, their Whisky Maker as they call him Gregg Glass came from that very company. My feelings on Compass Box recently is that the brand might have peaked. I certainly don’t think I see the same kind of social media presence that used to exist which makes a brand like “Whisky Works” a good opportunity for someone.

I have seen quite a bit of Whisky Works over the last few years. They come along to festivals and do Tweet Tastings. I have written about a couple of batches in the past and you can check them out at https://malted.blog/?s=whisky+works

The Quartermaster product is all about the number four. Four maturation periods using four cask types producing a batch with a bottling strength of 46.4% ABV, The awkward detail to squeeze in though is all the two’s. Two types of whisky were used. Highland grain and Speyside malt with the grain being matured in rum barrels with a finishing period in PX and the malt being a combination of American white oak and sherry barrels.

So what did will this 11 year old blend we like and will it be worth you spending around £75 on a bottle.

My Thoughts

Colour – light mellow yellow

Nose – I have used peaches in syrup a lot so I will say school dinner fruit this time 😀 but there is a warm under current as well. a spiced warmth

Palate – nice weight of spirit and a lively one to. Coco powder and orange extract you use in baking

Finish – linear palate to finish transition and a nice little whisky

A nice whisky which is kind of in a similar vain to a lot of modern batch whiskies just now. Take youngish whisky and flash in some flavour for a short while and bottle. It’s not bad but it is a definite trend

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