The Balvenie has to be one of the original premiumisation brands. Has there ever been a time when someone said “No, No I can’t afford that I will just pick up the Balvenie now to see me through until payday”

The 21 year old Portwood really drives the point home looking for £235 for legal minimum strength whisky. Sure, it’s old at 21 years and using even older Port pipes but that is a lot of expensive water that would make even a French spring owner blush.

Balvenie has quite a large portfolio of bottles available now with collectables like Tun and single casks like the Single Barrel series. Then there is the kind of things you expect to see in supermarkets the 12 year old double cask and 14 year old Caribbean cask. Both of which are genuine good for the money. I got a 15 year old single barrel for Christmas once and it was really terrific. Balvenie 15 Year Old Single Barrel Sherry Cask was the kind of present when you know you have wife material for real.

Ok, so I guess I can’t delay tasting this 60% H20 release any longer so yeh lets see.

My Thoughts

Colour – fake it til you make it

Nose – subtle but fruity. prickles of char

Palate – thin and what I reckon people call smooth but I will say subtle. Subtle drying sensation of cranberry juice, pepper and maybe something like a gooseberry

Finish – short and yeh I am just bored I think now

I can totally see someone writing up this dram as being a subtle interesting challenge to pull apart and dissect the complexities but honestly I just don’t have the time or interest in paying this kind of money and having to make excuses for it.

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