J.J Corry or indeed Irish whiskey isn’t something I can proclaim much experience or knowledge in. I do follow the founder Louise and their brand ambassador Niamh and love the family farmer feel to the business. To get more insight into the sector generally though and understand it a bit more I guess I could read a book. Or a blog! Probably more fun to just drink more of the stuff though.

Since I we are learning here together I think it’s best to let J.J Corry explain their brand in their own words.

Resurrecting the Lost Art of Irish Whiskey Bonding

Our vision is to respect tradition but embrace change.

In 2015 we built a bonded Rackhouse on the McGuane Family Farm and resurrected the lost art of Irish Whiskey Bonding. We are building an unparalleled library of Irish Whiskey flavours, with spirit sourced from distilleries all over the island of Ireland.


This Anfa blend is a team up with Drinks by the Dram from Master of Malt. Not a cheap blend at £150 at 50% ABV. At this price there isn’t much room for benefit of the doubt but since this is the second batch it must be a successful model.

My Thoughts

Colour – light pale yellow

Nose – bright, fruity with cereal notes but just lots of fruity citrus notes

Palate – Following the flavour out the glass comes a thick mouthfeel and more peaches in syrup notes making a strong summer dram. Development brings peppery notes and earthy cracks of pepper

Finish – Nice length of finish twisting with a bitter lemon bite

I really did enjoy this and could see it being one for the garden or to remind you of the 4 days this year when it didn’t rain. Unless you are living through a hosepipe ban just now. Then you could do without a reminder I reckon.

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