Jura is that one distillery that people love to hate. Unless you are ex-UK Prime Minister, David Cameron who is out and proud to call Jura his tipple of choice, most of the rest of us are not hunting down that elusive new Jura release. Indeed, I doubt even Dave really likes a Jura but since his father-in-law’s family have owned an estate on the island for over a century I guess you need to play the family game.

The official Jura lineup has always been a wide and plentiful collection of bottles. Rarely not on offer in a supermarket and always very keenly priced even at RRP. I have tried the newer ones and the previous collection bottles, I have tried samples and miniatures like this Tide release I have opened now. In researching for this article I see they have even moved into the super premium/well aged category with bottles well over £600. Bonkers.


Sure, I would like to try it but I wouldn’t want to risk that kind of money. For that kind of money I could heat my house…for a month. At the moment anyway, come winter who knows maybe a fortnight.

For a look at my consistently critical thoughts on Jura you can check them out with this easy link. https://malted.blog/category/jura/

So, will this be any different? I do hope so £130 for a bottle isn’t insignificant money but definitely the lower end of the spectrum in the early 20’s age statement bracket. Listening to the official blurb though we are in for a treat


In the vast wilderness of our island home, it’s easy to lose track of time. But if you stop a moment in that beautiful wilderness and take in the silence, eventually you’ll notice the rhythm of the tide bringing you back. Like the whisky in our casks, it’s an irresistible reminder of time’s power.

Matured in American white oak ex bourbon barrels, this whisky is then finished in hand-selected virgin American white oak casks, giving it a sweet, fruity and nutty flavour. This truly special whisky is available worldwide.


All that hand selecting must be back breaking work is all that I can say.

My thoughts

Colour – whisky colouring coloured

Nose – shortbread and cereals. praline

Palate – white pepper, millionaire shortbread, toasted pan bread

Finish – short length but peppered, spicy rather than hot

You know I think we have found a Jura I can recommend and enjoy! It’s taken the entirety of my time drinking whisky but we have done it. Genuinely liked this no tongue in cheek or anything.

I will try another expression and wait and see I won’t like it. Story of my life.

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