The Flora and Fauna range is a long running series from Diageo celebrating a collection of distilleries. Indeed, the series was started by the company UDL which later became Diageo so pretty long running. In the collection most of which are valuable to the blends Diageo produce but rarely known outside those who seek them out.

Flora and Fauna, nicknamed by the late whisky writer, Michael Jackson, was a themed series of distillery only single malt whisky releases. Each distillery was given a particular creature as its symbol, which is elegantly displayed on each bottle’s beautiful label. Gradually as distilleries were commercialised, closed or sold, the range of Flora and Fauna contracted, leaving these select remaining bottles collectable. Most often blended, whisky from each of these distilleries is rarely bottled as single malt, making each bottle from this collection even rarer.

While I am taking all this content from I should add the official description of the Linkwood 12 Year Old as well.

A whole garden of fruit and flower scents in a smooth, long, complex yet wholly integrated Speyside of utter distinction. This 12-year-old single malt whisky has a rich and oily mouthfeel with nutty, cereal notes and an aromatic and dry finish.

My Thoughts

Colour – pale yellow

Nose – grassy and citric but there is a burnt caramel note in the background

Palate – The viscosity of the caramel is really noticeable but not initially. holding on the palate really adds a dram of two halves. initially bright youthful spirit flavours in cereals and appletizer before almost aging in the mouth with caramel notes dolloping on

Finish – caramel and shortbread, milk chocolate buttons

A really nice timeless classic whisky done well. For around £40ish this is a really good banker dram for anyone. Just goes to show that good whisky still exists at good prices but it might not also come in a nice container or be pushed by influencers

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