Ok lets try blogging again. I had intended to write for so long but something always got in the way. Meh

The next few articles will be from Christmas last year which makes them almost ready for thinking about Christmas presents this year! The first one I have is the Glenfarclas 21 year old from their core range. The Glenfarclas range is one of the few distilleries still selling high age statement, reasonably prices bottles and long may that continue. However, to get here there has to be a compromise and it is in the bottling strength; 43%

One of my favourite whiskies from Glenfarclas has always been a Master of Malt exclusive the Glenfarclas 2009 (bottled 2016) (cask 1805) – Drinks by the Dram an exotic and rich full bodied Christmas special. Can this decently priced solidly aged whisky compete?

Tasting Notes

Colour – amber

Nose – stewed fruits and almond nuttiness. Not rich but sweet I would say. Definitely tempered back

Palate – dangerously moreish with the kind of standard sherry fruit notes you expect. Absolutely it is sweet but orange rinds balance it out

Finish – short and blunt but to be expected


It isn’t expected to be a loud and proud sherry bomb but you what it is a great easy drinking matured whisky for everyone and anyone enjoy with a fuss or pretence.

Sort of just like the distillery

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