From a pretty young but significantly pricey whisky last month to a significantly inexpensive but a pretty decent aged whisky this time from Glen Moray.

The Elgin Classic series is the standard go to collection of single malt whiskies which are keenly priced and widely available. Indeed, my bottle came from a regular price cut in Sainsburys a few years ago for maybe 22 pounds or something. For a full bottle of single malt you can’t really complain much can you but no doubt someone will.

Perhaps you can complain about the artificial colouring which I believe it has a little bit of. Or you could complain about the lack of an age statement. Those things are important to be fair and the colouring I doubt is really necessary but I understand the need to meet all customers expectations of what a sherried whisky looks like.

Tasting Notes

Colour – orangey

Nose – fresh and fruity sherried initially but the dried fruit will come through along with chocolate sauce

Palate – cinnamon buns and some lightly toasted bread.

Finish – spicy and oaked finish and the spice lingers nicely, not with heat particularly but with a warming winter warmth.

Final Thoughts

A wonderful and gentle whisky which is a good alternative to more expensive options like Aberlour 12 or Balvenie 12 Doublewood. I also like the vintage looking bottles which have avoided so far a rebrand into a generic medicine bottle like so many other brands at the moment.

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