Nc’Nean is definitely a pretty farmhouse style distillery. Before this Whisky-Me offering came through the door I didn’t know anything about the brand of the whisky. The feature image from their website I am sure we can all agree is very beautiful. Indeed somewhere you would want to visit when Tiering allows I am sure. Lucky then that they have a visitor centre.

But what do we know about Nc’Nean?

Well, Nc’Nean has been distilling on the west coast of Scotland since 2017. There name is inspired by ancient gaelic with their website quoting

The inspiration for our name, Neachneohain, was an ancient Gaelic goddess. She was known as the Queen of Spirits and a fierce protector of nature. Strong and independent, she was never afraid to walk her own path. We try to follow her ethos in everything we do.

Nc’Nean Website

Founded and run by Annabel Thomas the company has existed since 2013 and currently has a diverse team of 10 people all working together on producing spirit and building their brand. This includes a visitor centre like we have said but also special mention for their very strong website which has been put together with excellent visual content.

The Dram

Nc'nean Organic Single Malt Whisky - Batch 1

On sale for under 50 pounds this 3 year old whisky used organic barley and a small collection of different casks including red wine and STR (Shaved, Toasted, Recharred). Which was all bottled at 46% ABV in a pretty cool recycled glass bottle.

Though is batch is gone their is other batches available and indeed other spirits on their online shop.

Tasting Notes

Colour – dilute lemon juice

Nose –fruity and tinned fruits with a sprinkling of nutneg

Palate – something like allspice but hidden behind the spice is a peach or apricot

Finish – short finish with an off weird lactic note mixed with more nutmeg spice

Final Thoughts

A sold out first batch from a new distillery. There are good points in that is doesn’t feel under matured or hot. There isn’t the heat you see in some first releases but also I just don’t like the flavours which just feel off to me. I am wondering if its the red wine and recharring coming together in the batch but for me it didn’t make me want one of the soldout bottles I am afraid.

In some ways half the problem is so many distilleries are releasing their first products. There is only so many ways you can do a first unpeated release and well I guess they have all been done. It is vital to get the cashflow going quickly and with the batch sold out that is mission complete. I wish them the best of luck and I hope to see their business continue to grow through 2021 and beyond.

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