2020 has been a tough year but we are nearly done with it. Thankfully, Whisky-Me has come to make things a little nicer this Christmas with November’s release being the 25 year old from Glenfarclas.

The Distillery

You can’t do a description on Glenfarclas without saying they are still a family owned business. The grant family have owned the distillery since 1865 and continue on today. Regular readers will know that the first casks bought by SMWS founder Pip Hills were from Glenfarclas and it was those annual small casks which started that business we know of today.

The Dram

Part of the core range and bottled at 43% ABV this is getting up there in terms of age. Available for under 150 pounds at the moment I am sure it has been cheaper in the past. My memory could be playing tricks on me but it is still good value. Tullibardine are the only other official 25 year old I can think of at this price and they don’t have quite the same reputation shall we say.

The whisky has been matured full term in ex-oloroso casks which is a cool start. Is this a sherrybomb? hmm I don’t think so

Tasting Notes

Colour – dark orange

Nose – throat sweets and pine forest

Palate – thick texture sure but I am not sure I am big on the cloves and nutmeg. I want big fruit cake notes not quite so much spice and oak first

Finish – old leather and stale smoked charred wood

Final Thoughts

This is a very keenly priced 25 year old. Whiskies at this price point can be many many hundreds of pounds. At 140 pounds this is a value option but I just wasn’t taken by it. For me it was missing something and perhaps overly spicy.

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