This would be one of those articles I started but never released before my life went nuts. A kind gift from the people at Tweet Tastings. I guess this kind of appreciation from me won’t win me any new Christmas cards this season.

The Big Smoke though is a blended malt containing Islay single malts bottled at 46% ABV from Duncan Taylor. They have good specs with no chill filtering and natural colouring so I am hoping for something in keeping with the seasons just now.

Tasting Notes

Colour – quite transparent

Nose – Lots of billowing wood smoke and vanilla extract. good start

Palate – Good amounts of spice and cinnamon. of course the peat is there but maybe not big more modest

Finish – woody smoke that lingers with brine

Final Thoughts

I have been having a lot of thoughts recently about official bottles. Islay especially is getting very premium and perhaps the value is leaving the sector. With this bottle available for under 40 pounds do you need to spend one hundred pounds on a limited edition something or other or a bottle your own from the distillery. Does it taste much better to this? Probably not.

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