If there was ever a great whisky name to add to the blog it would be the Politician blended whisky from Duncan Taylor. Politics and politicians are having a massive impact on our lives at the moment from the COVID policy making to the impending Brexit deadlines we are completely at the mercy of our elected members of parliament.

The Politician whisky though wasn’t originally about modern day politics. The whisky was for the Politician bar on the Isle of Eriskay which of course is the real world location for the film/book Whisky Galore! which I have written about far too much already this year.

With all that backstory out the way though we can get back to the whisky. The blended whisky is a combination of single malt and grain whisky from the Speyside region of Scotland. That is all good and well but the first standout feature here though is the price. £21.95 on Master of Malt which is proper supermarket mixer only territory as far as I am concerned. I cannot be the only one who thinks that though because it is not sold out after the Tweet Tasting which is also where I got this sample from. If you want to find this whisky in your area though the stockists list can be found of Duncan Taylor’s website at https://duncantaylor.com/contact/stockists

Tasting Notes

Colour – pale yellow

Nose – fresh with a touch of fresh wood shavings, nutmeg and some tart orange zest

Palate – definitely a sipping blend and heavy on single malt. caffe latte and Highland Coo Toffee.

Finish – a good finish on chilli and pepper

Final Thoughts

A very good and balanced blend which is great value and a great drink on its own. I can’t say that about quite a lot of blends and it has to be one of the best I have tried this year.

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