The last blend from Duncan Taylor was a masterclass is producing whisky on a budget and passing those savings to the customer. This next blend is in a different segment and now we are deep into supermarket single malt country at around £40 a bottle.

This sample is again from the same Tweet Tasting as the Politician and is my first exposure to the actual whisky. It isn’t my first time seeing the brand though because The Black Bull is working hard on brand building through Motorsport sponsorship on nothing else than a Black Lambo.

This to my 33 year old mind is super cool

The actual whisky though is a 50/50 mix of grain and malt which are all at least 12 years old. Bottled at 50% ABV there is more than a little symmetry baked into this bottle.

Tasting Notes

Colour – orange marmalade

Nose – sticky sweet and over ripe grapes. toffee pudding and plump raisins.

Palate – The thick PX theme continues into the mouth being nutty and sherry syruped. Very intensely sherried which removes the grain from view completely.

Finish – Given how much sherry interaction there clearly is the finish isn’t all that long.

Final Thoughts

A very heavily influenced sherry blend which blunts any kind of nuance or layering. It is nice and pleasant for sure and if you got a bottle I think you would enjoy it. Perhaps its the cheapest way to get something with a PX influence so if you want to try PX maybe this is the bottle for you.

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