This is the first time I have looked at food products using whisky as an ingredient. I can’t say I am particularly knowledgeable about food and pairings but I do enjoy cooking. The story behind this purchase though stems like so much these days from COVID and the lockdown.

It seems quite a few of the people I follow like a quality marmalade product and so the Tiptree tweets appeared on my timeline with a lockdown sale offer. With so little to do during that early phase of the lockdown and queues for food seemingly never ending online purchases in this household went into overdrive. So alongside orders for various versions of marmalade, tomato ketchup and brown sauces was a speculative purchase of marmalade with a drop of whisky in it.

Excuse the crumbs and wild spreading technique

It is nice marmalade and the whisky used adds a yeasty doughy element to the orange fruit marmalade. This could have gone two ways the first is to say whisky but have so little that it won’t be detected. The second is to go alcohol heavy with some rough whisky that just makes for something no-one wants on their toast. This though has gone hidden option number 3 where the whisky ingredient adds a dimension to your breakfast.

If you want to try it yourself you can get some from their website still.

If it helps you meet the basket size the orange and tangerine is epic to.

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