This one should have gone out last week but you know with F1 being back, work to pay the mortgage and family time to factor in something was bound to be missed. I still have a long long list of DIY jobs to do as well rather than sitting here but oh well.

From a sold out limited edition festival bottle from Bunnahabhain to a bottle not marked as limited edition but also not widely seen either. The no age statement Moine doesn’t seem to appear on the company website bit recently surfaced on Amazon at the incredibly decent price of 35 pounds. As I write this is sold out but using the link you can check if some has reappeared. While I support small businesses and the general concepts of supply and demand I wouldn’t advise you pay the inflated 80+ pounds some sellers are asking for a bottle. The RRP might be somewhere around the 50 mark so anything which is a multiple of that is probably best avoided.

The Dram

I asked on Twitter what the age was and was told around 9 years old. That isn’t on the label but the label does tell us the cask mix which is first and second fill sherry, bourbon and wine casks. I think some in vogue producers would call that a cuvee but here it is just a marriage. Alcohol marketing can be a funny thing sometimes.

The other details are 46.3%ABV, natural colour and no chill filtering. The usual specification in other words.

Tasting Notes

Colour – Pale yellow

Nose – sea spray with some berries and meaty smoke

Palate – fantastic viscous texture with more brined meat and saline solution. The second fill cask are working the most here letting the spirit come through

Finish – long wood smoke finish and the previous contents of the casks reappear with the fruity notes from the red wine and sherry balancing the smoke and sweetening it up

Final Thoughts

There is a similar technique at play with Moine as was in Bunnahabhain Toiteach A Dha. Refill casks to get a prominent spirit smoke and then sherry and/or red wine to add layers and well sweetener. I always hunt out red wine influence so I prefer this but clearly if you aren’t into that Toiteach A Dha is the one for you.

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