The second festival bottle is a peated one which for whatever reason the rarity of it makes it more exciting. This combined with a sherry finish which is something of a personal favourite my expectations are sky high before we even get started.

Like I said on Tuesday all the content is still available on the FaceBook page

The Dram

The 2010 Amontillado is the younger and more affordable offering at a snippet under one hundred pounds a bottle. The bottling strength was 56.9% ABV but even so that is a toppy price for a 10 year old whisky. As with all the releases from the festival all 1658 bottles have been sold so while it is too pricy for me it wasn’t for more hardcore fans evidently.

Tasting Notes

Colour – a very dark marmalade

Nose – thick plump alcohol soaked fruit but the peat is subtle and more earthy than powerfully smoky. Salty as well as nutty

Palate – A texture so thick you can cut it with a knife. More almonds and fortified wine notes with some chilli heat cut against dark treacle.

Finish – Long long finish full of peppercorns and woody smoke

Final Thoughts

There is a lot about this which reminds me the great Moine Oloroso limited edition. I didn’t get enough time with that bottle because it got stolen and equally I didn’t get enough time with this Amontillado version because well I didn’t stump up the change for a full bottle.

This expression is not exactly the same of course it isn’t as youthful and aggressive but more matured and layered. Each are great in their own way and to be fair while I wouldn’t pay the 200 pounds for the older Madeira bottle I would pay the money for this one I think.

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