I suppose with a blog called “Malted” I really should only talk about things which contain…malt.

However, its my ball etc etc so tough bananas!

The Brand

The story of the brand was lifted from their press stuff off their website

Headquartered on a farm in The Chilterns, England, Seedlip is a nature company dedicated to changing the way the world drinks by pioneering the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirits. Solving the dilemma of ‘What to drink when you’re not drinking ®’, Seedlip offers a sophisticated alternative to overly sweet or fruity options and is served in over 7,500 prestigious cocktail bars, hotels, restaurants & retailers across London, Barcelona, Stockholm, Berlin, Copenhagen, Milan, Hong Kong, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sydney & Melbourne.

Seedlip’s history stems from an ancient book published in London, in 1651, called The Art of Distillation, offering forgotten copper-pot distilled, non-alcoholic remedies now repurposed to champion a new non-alcoholic drinks category. Served with tonics or in non-alcoholic cocktails, the brand’s first incarnation, Seedlip Spice 94, is an aromatic blend of individual bark, spice and citrus distillates. The brand’s second offering which launched in 2016, Seedlip Garden 108, has green and floral notes created though individual copper pot distillates including hand-picked peas and hay from the founder’s family farm and traditional herbs including spearmint, rosemary and thyme. The third Spirit from Seedlip launched in 2018, Grove 42, is a celebration of the Orange; an adult, citrus blend of copper-pot distillates including Bitter Orange, Mandarin, Blood Orange, Lemongrass, Ginger & Lemon.

The company is now majority owned by Diageo as of last year. This kind of thing is not to be sniffed at and clearly there is more of these kind of products coming to the market soon.

The Drink

The Garden version as mentioned above is a green veggie blend and includes peas as an ingredient on the bottle. Completely free of alcohol this is meant to be full flavoured special treat without the hangover or criminal conviction for drink driving.

Tasting Notes

Colour – Transparent

Nose – a strong smell of tinned peas and bitters

Palate – No alcohol burn (#joke) mushy peas in vinegar

Finish – Peas

Final Thoughts

So I struggle with the price because I can hardly say it’s value for money. However, the idea is good and the market definitely exists for non alcohol non sweet drinks but this one is for a even more niche market. Those who like peas.

A Lot.

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