Moving from the 10 Year Old there is two well known cask strength core expressions you can try. The first to consider Uigeadail which is the sherry finished version. After this is the red wine finished Corryvreckan which will come in Saturdays offering.

The Dram

Clocking in at 54.2% ABV this is a youngish Ardbeg at full strength with nothing taken away. From the initial term maturation in ex-bourbon barrels there is a finishing period in ex-sherry butts. If there was ever a criticism of Ardbeg it would be the lack of transparency on their products. However, for around £60 there is no doubt it is a premium price against a premium product.

Tasting Notes

Colour – Golden

Nose – Those big punchy smoked peaty notes are still there like the 10 year old. There is the saline like the 10 year old as well. However, now we have a touch of chocolate and coffee and something viscous and sweet.

Palate – Cereal notes and vanilla on a texture which is extremely viscous.  Balanced between woody smoke peat and sweeter notes very well.

Finish – Intense and drying

Final Thoughts

A very different beast to the standard 10 but still not aggressive. If you want something as a special treat them spend the extra £20 on the Uig

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