The Adelphi independent bottlers is one which I have longed to try but never managed to get a bottle. They are widely seen by other more experienced writers are being quality led and well respected. They were also one of the first bottlers to build their own distillery with Ardnamurchan away up deep into the Highland west coast.

Having stayed at the Nira Caledonia hotel I of course had to get a dram of the single cask to try. With single casks by definition being so rare you have to grab them when you have the opportunity. With only 24 bottles there is really not going to be another opportunity to try it.

The Dram

The Glenrothes new make was put into sherry casks in 2007 before being bottled in December 2019 at a strength of 58.8% ABV. This partial cask bottling produced 24 bottles and they are available for only £89 but only from the hotel with a single 35ml measure being £10.50. The cask number was 10237.

Tasting Notes

Colour – golden sherried

Nose – very strong dried fruits and lots of chilli heat. The apples are very tart but you have also feel the viscosity to come.

Palate – There is that sticky sickly sweet viscosity adding lots of mouthfeel weight. Pastries and orange chocolate add depth.

Finish – The finish is very long and drying. Lots of those sherried fruit notes and heavy fruitcake.

Final Thoughts

A real sherry bomb for £89 at full cask strength. I don’t think you will get better value at any of the Edinburgh whisky shops. Certainly not at the shop within The Whisky Experience next to the castle. More of that visit though another time.

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