I am going to trigger a number of people here but not to worry. In answer to the question why did you seek out and try this particular Wemyss Malts release? The answer is not some platitude on Wemyss Malts having a lot of good products and I want to get through as many of them as possible. Although that is true as it happens, Wemyss are a great business with a lot of interesting bottles some wildly expensive and others very very reasonably priced. No the answer is I fell for the psychedelic packaging. Yup the packaging won the day. Triggered!

If anyone is still reading we will continue with the show now.

The Dram

Released in 2018 this is a blended malt containing single malts from the Highland region. These were then married and finished in Madeira casks. Madeira Wine is a fortified wine from the Portugese island of …. Madeira.

The whisky was bottled at 46% ABV and without colouring or chill filtering as per usual. The batches might have been released in 2018 but they are still in shops for under £45 from all the usual places and Amazon.

Tasting Notes

Colour – very light yellow

Nose – initially sweet and sharply tart fruity but then turns slightly savoury.

Palate – similar to the nose there is a lot of sweet sugary notes but this develops. Its honeyed and nutty but the texture is always dense.

Finish – long sweet finish with a lot of brown sugar notes

Final Thoughts

A good honest sweet whisky which while not being as interesting and captivating as its packaging is still a quality whisky. One to cataloged under approachable I think.

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