The time has come and Kingsbarns has released their first general release. Long time readers will remember I visited the distillery a couple of years ago and did a nice tour around the place. You can go back and read about that visit at Kingsbarns Distillery Visit. I picked up a single cask peated Bunnahabhain because obviously they had no whisky of their own to sell but that is all changed now.

The Dram

Kingsbarns Dream to Dram

The first general release from the distillery using distillate from 2015 which was matured in ex-bourbon barrels from Heaven Hill distillery and STR barriques (shaved, toasted and re-charred). I reckon STR requires its own article at some point from but my perspective its just something which has been done for a long time now with a name to add exclusivity to the presentation.

Regardless, the bottling strength is a very good 46% ABV and its widely available for just under £45 in the UK. Check out Amazon for small discounts on occassion as well

Tasting Notes

Colour – Pale

Nose – bright and spirit-y yes but also fruity. I remember the new make from the tour being fruity and pleasant as well actually.

Palate – good texture and no fire or hot notes even without water. Some pears and cereal notes which are almost dusty in texture. A creamy note with some vanilla.

Finish – A touch of sweet caramel from a short finish which still holds a light floral fruity spirit

Final Thoughts

I have written a lot recently about young whiskies from new distilleries being poor and not fit to be bottled. I have spoken about the financial pressures today causing brand problems in the future. Kingsbarns has been owned by the Wemyss Malts company for some time and their financial security shows. This is an excellent malt which I would see being popular on a summer’s day. The folks at Glasgow Distillery should buy a bottle and try and replicate it to be honest.

2 thoughts on “Kingsbarns Dream to Dram

  1. Oh what a difference individual palate preferences make.
    I enjoyed Glasgow’s 1770 far better than Kingsbarns Dream – I think it was the virgin oak giving added toastiness that won me over.
    I also enjoy the diversity of flavours & approaches to distilling companies use.
    It means there’s a malt to suit all tastes rather than one size fits all.


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