This advent calendar was one which a number of the bloggers had this year. Not sure why we all picked it but I had a couple of reasons. The first being I have always been pulled into the brand by the artwork. I also remember trying samples from years ago which were all great. Combined with those honourable reasons is that it came up in a flash sale which made it more appealing if I am honest.

This is the third set I have blogged about now with the first being the Scotch Whisky one and the second a single cask version. I remember enjoying the first a lot and then with the second I found it very hit and miss. This was a bit of a learning experience for me and made me realise while there might be a few casks out their for sale not all casks are good enough to be sold alone. In a similar vain I think the same about this calendar now as well.

With so many releases and batches coming from the niche brand at Atom Group (Master of Malt) there just isn’t the cracking exciting and innovative casks to support the level of production they are targeting. Sure maybe a quarter of the samples I tried this month came out as decent but too many were forgettable and boring which is a shame. I haven’t bought and opened many bottles I was disappointed with but imagine spending close to £100 or more and then thinking meh this is crap.

Where does this leave me with the advent calendar format? I really don’t know but at the moment I am not sure I will be doing it again. These are expensive premium products for those with £150+ of disposable monies at Christmas which makes it pretty niche but the whiskies aren’t really as niche or as exciting as the entry price would make you expect.

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